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Overview of

There are some reasons why Travelchinaguide is among the top of search results. As a mature organization in Tibet tour for nearly 20 years, Travelchinaguide assists a great number of travelers with an inspiring tour in Tibet. Also, Travelchinaguide is highly recommended by some well-known media such as the New York Times, Time (web-version), Toronto Sun, CCTV-4 and TripAdvisor, as well as many famous overseas universities, Chinese embassies and delegations stationed abroad.

Contact process

Comparing the different package on Travelchinaguide, if you find the any attractive one, click the Free Inquiry button and fill the form. They assure that you can get related itinerary and quotation within 24 hours. What’s more efficient and convenient is that you can contact live chat on the right or make a phone call via the number on the top to get an immediately reply. It’s 24/7 Hours services.


Dozens of Tibet tour packages are list on the landing page, while there are a few Tibet group tours(4 in total). And all the group packages(with scale of 2-18 persons) not only include Tibet tour, but also many other well-known China cities such as Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, etc. For Tibet, the group tour just go to Lhasa and then get back to inner China. If you are looking for in-depth tour in Tibet with lower cost, this site may not for you.

Certainly, you can choose private Tibet tours. They can go to as far as Mt. Everest currently. Due to different seasons (they divided it as Mar-Nov and Dec-Feb), group members and tour standard, there’s big difference in price. The price is very detailed, varying from $469 to $4479. In a word, the more people share the cost, the lower price for you. Going to Tibet in off season, you also can enjoy cheaper price. If you want luxury tour, this site is your type.

Here is the price list of their recommended small group tours

Mysterious Tibet & Yangtze - 14 days from $2939 per person

Including Lhasa, this is a package of best tourist cities in the Changjiang River Basin. As one of the origin of Chinese civilization, Changjiang River is a most important part you can’t missing.

Tibet Odyssey - 11 Days From $2499 per person

The most representative cities including Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, and Shanghai are in the schedule. You can enjoy an excellent trip in Lhasa as well as other beautiful cities in China.

Gateways to Lhasa - 9 Days From $1799 per person
It’s a similar tour to Tibet Odyssey and it contains most of the gateway cities including Lhasa.

Private Tibet Tours

China & Holy Tibet - 12 days from $2199 per person

This is a luxury trip consist of the most popular destinations around China. A tour of Holy Tibet and great cities could be an experience for you.

Mysterious Lhasa Tour Package - 4 days from $469 per person

Enjoying travel with the most highlights in Lhasa such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street. If time permits, you could also take a visit to a Tibetan family.

Devout Buddhist Appreciation - 7 days from $949 per person

The package is designed for devout Buddhist or someone who want to take an insight into the Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Most of the attractions in Lhasa, Gyangtse and Shigatse are included in the tour.


1. Domestic airfares
2. Hotel accommodation with breakfasts
3. A la carte lunches as itinerary specifies
4. Professional English-speaking guides
5. Drivers & air-conditioned vehicles
6. Entrance fees to tourist sites
7. Tibet Travel Permit
8. Yangtze River cruise with full board
9. Tips or gratuities for hotel porters


1. International airfares
2. Entry Visa fees
3. Personal expenses
4. Tips or gratuities for guides and drivers


There’re two-dimensional codes on the site and you can get to their mobile site or facebook page by scanning the related codes. It’s user-friendly as you can check the related page by one step instead of fussy back and forth confirmation.

Booking air ticket especially train ticket online via Travelchinaguide is a great feature among all Tibet Travel Agencies. As is known to all, train tickets in China is always in a shortage. Even Chinese people are hard to buy train tickets sometimes, never mention foreign tourists.
To use this feature, please simply enter your departure city and destinations, confirm your package and seat class, finally make a payment by Paypal.

Community is also the platform which other Tibet tour operators don’t have. You can easily find it on the top right. This section contains Forums, Travel Reviews, Answers, Travel Tips, Photo Album, China Videos and Destinations. If you click Community, Forum is the top one, then travel reviews, answers, and so on. There are polls in forum and of course you can join to vote. Once you input your opinion, you will join the interact with users, which sounds interesting. Also, users can ask questions in forum, from this point of view, it’s more likely a message board. Some travelers posted their reviews about Chinese spots. If you want to know the experience from previous travelers, you may read china travel reviews part as well as travel tips part.

Safety and Privacy

This site is committed to protect the privacy of users like other Tibet travel sites. It assures that all of your information will not be disclosed to a third party without your permission. Correspondingly, you can fill in your information, such as name, address, telephone and much more.

The Search

Frankly, it’s not easy to find the search frame on this site. Only if you go to the Home page, you can find Search on the top right. Input the keywords, you can find all related pages with the keywords on this site. The search result pages are all the pages with the keywords you searched, which can be divided into several plates by means of you. You may check pages just involving tour, train or flight.

Site popularity

This site is focus on China and Asia Tour. On the homepage of this site, it highlights Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian tour. Tibet tour is counted into Private China Travel. We got better understanding about 2 people for any of Tibet tour packages now. Overall, this site is very popular, according to the data on Similarweb, there are 2.7 M visits so far. More than a third of traffic comes from US, we can say it’s a popular China Travel site especially in US.

Customer Service

The evaluation of this site from most people is positive. In a word, this site has good reputation for China tour and ticket services. Of course, there’re still some negative comments such as hotel service, site function and much more. The main weakness is listed as below:

1 The site functions are a little clunky, for example, if you sign in, there is no way to see your trip information. Besides, it’s not convenient that you need to send email multiple times for an inquiry when you use this site by phone.

2 About hotel service, according to the review from Evanston, the hotel they arranged is not as good as they advertised. It’s dirty so they asked for a representative from the company to change a hotel, unluckily, they are told to stay one night in this hotel.

3 Also, there are many travelers said that it’s likely that you will be forced to tourist shopping spots where were not scheduled in the itinerary.


As you can see from this review, ChinaTravelGuide provides a comprehensive travel tour service in China. If you want to go to Tibet alone, it may not be suitable for you. But if you plan to have an extensive China Tibet Tour, you may consider it carefully, as ChinaTravelGuide have greater skill and better experience in arranging culture and history china tour rather than other Tibet tour sites. Besides, it’s a great advantage for booking flight/train tickets online, enjoying a huge user base, delighting of the local food and comfortable transportations and other amenities.

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